Ways to Improve Sperm Motility and Morphology Naturally

Ways to Improve Sperm Motility and Morphology Naturally

Low sperm motility and abnormal sperm morphology are the common causes of male infertility. This is found to be one of the reasons why some couples are not able to conceive today. Unfortunately, medical treatment aimed towards male infertility doesn’t have higher success rates. Above all, these treatments are found to have some unpleasant side effects. But, fortunately, these are some natural ways to improve sperm motility and morphology. Let’s see them here…

Natural Remedies for Male Infertility:

The following natural remedies are known to improve the sperm motility and morphology. Let’s know about them now:


This is a South American herb that is being used as a male libido. This can be used as a natural remedy to treat infertility. It has been shown that Maca supports testosterone production, although it is not found to have hormonal effects on the body. In addition, Maca is known to support the adrenal glands and will help maintain thyroid functionality. Some clinical studies that have been conducted in this regard have shown that supplementation with this herb would improve low sperm quality caused by lower testosterone levels.


This is another herb that helps stimulate the testosterone synthesis. Some clinical studies have shown that Tribulus helps stimulate the secretion of LH by the pituitary gland in males with lower testosterone levels. If you are not already aware, know that the LH (Lutenizing Hormone) is the hormone that stimulates the testes to secrete more testosterone. Moreover, Tribulus is found to have a positive effect on the overall health and well-being of men.


As some of you might already be aware, L-carnitine is essential for the normal functioning of sperms. This is found to be playing an important role in the maturation of sperms. In addition, it is also known to provide energy for the metabolic processes involved in the ejaculation. Various clinical studies have shown that L-carnitine helps to increase all the parameters of the health of the sperm. Thus, L-carnitine supplementation would improve your sperm count, morphology, as well as motility.


It has been observed that abnormal sperm morphology is often the result of poorly integrated DNA of sperm cells. In this line, if you could supplement your diet with a specific blend of antioxidants, you could improve your sperm health by preventing the DNA damage. An important antioxidant that has been found effective in this regard is the coenzyme-Q10. Remember, if a damaged sperm is fertilizing your partner’s egg, then the embryo is likely to be miscarried. Your antioxidant supplementation would help you in this regard as they would help your body fight against the DNA damage by neutralizing the effects of free radicals.

Nutritional Supplements:

In addition to the above natural remedies, our common nutritional supplements can also help improve the sperm health. As such, zinc has shown to enhance the sperm quality and count. So, zinc supplementation would be of help. Also, folic acid is found to have an important effect as some studies have shown that men with low folic acid levels have lots of sperm DNA defects. So, consider folic acid supplementation. Finally, your vitamin B12 and vitamin C are also known to increase sperm count and quality of sperms in smokers.

Thus, improving the sperm motility, as well as the morphology is naturally possible.


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Top 5 Ways to Preserve Your Fertility Naturally: Alternatives to Egg Freezing


To Freeze or Not To Freeze?


 With all the buzz about tech companies paying to freeze eggs for career-focused women that want to ‘wait,’ there are a lot of women that are upset, and a lot of women that are happy. Really, I believe women should have a CHOICE about when to have a child. And, they deserve not to be judged if they shall choose to wait till later in life to have a child.

Before I go into this more, I want to say that there are some serious cases in which egg freezing is a helpful technological innovation. If a woman is about to undergo chemotherapy, or is coming from a lineage in which all the women go into early menopause, I would say egg freezing is a grateful option.

But if your amazing company like Facebook or Google isn’t paying for it, egg freezing will cost about $10K for the initial harvesting of eggs, and another $1k every year you want to keep them frozen!
And, honestly, there is a fair bit of data suggesting that these frozen eggs are just as good as in the body.

The Cost of Egg Freezing


 The little-talked-about underbelly of choosing this route, however, is that the only way to use these eggs that you have frozen is to do in-vitro fertilization. So, are you ready for another investment of $15K?
Financial costs aside, the cost to your body for egg freezing is yet to be determined.
Mostly, there are no serious immediate repercussions, but the long-term studies are lacking.
We do know, though, that during this process, your body will be exposed to lots of exogenous hormones which are meant to unnaturally stimulate the production, maturation, and release of multiple egg follicles in one cycle so that they can be harvested. Is this worthwhile? Or is there another less invasive option?
 love your uterus

Natural Alternatives to Egg Freezing


I believe that the natural approaches that help to preserve fertility are actually the same things that will help you keep looking young and gorgeous, and keep you healthy for many many years to come.


These are my top 5 suggestions:


1) Detoxify your body, with a fertility focused cleanse if possible – at least twice a year. I recommend in the Spring and Fall which follow the normal rhythms and patterns of the universe.
2) Stay away from plastics. The xenoestrogens that go into the body affect your hormones significantly. They are found in water bottles, aluminum cans, and plastic bags. Also BPA – shown to affect fertility – is highest in cash register receipts! So, avoid those things, at the very least.
3) Avoid GMOs like the plague. Though the research is lacking (because it’s actually unethical to conduct such studies), seeds that are modified to self-terminate are likely to have a similar effect on your reproduction.
4) Avoid smoking and alcohol. There’s plenty of research that suggests that both of these decrease fertility – in men and women.
5) Hydrate. This may sound simple but we really need enough water to keep balance and rhythm in the body. Dehydration, like starvation, is a major stressor for the body, and as we all well know, stress decreases fertility.


These are great tips for anyone wanting to improve their fertility naturally. But in order to take a look at your specific case, a consultation with me would really be needed.


If you are experiencing concerns or stress about your fertility now or later, I invite you to sign up for a complimentary Fertility Discovery Session with me where we can go deeper into looking at your unique health and fertility matrix.



And if this article is interesting to you, share with your female friends who are also interested in preserving their fertility, or couples you know who may be trying to conceive!