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  • Have you been trying to get pregnant, but nothing is happening?
  • Have you gotten pregnant, but miscarried?
  • Do you really want to have a baby someday… but NOT YET… but you’re getting into your 30’s or 40’s and wondering how long you have?
  • Do you feel like you’re constantly carrying a secret burden of not even knowing IF you’re even fertile or HOW LONG you have to wait?

Hi, I’m Dr. Aumatma (Dr. Aum for short)

I work with holistic-minded women and couples who are passionate about having a baby naturally, when they want to.

I help women understand, boost, and preserve their fertility through completely natural methods and I help couples work together to create the highest chances for conception possible. I’m a Naturopathic Doctor (N.D.), homeopath, and my toolbelt contains traditional medical diagnostics, expert recommendations on diet, supplements and herbs, homeopathic remedies, and energy healing.

I have over 10 years of experience practicing medicine with a 95% success rate for patients reaching their health and wellness goal. Now, I focus that energy on helping couples get fertile, have a healthy pregnancy, easeful birth, and being great, rested, healthy parents.

Dr Aumatma, ND

I work with women and couples in all stages of the fertility cycle. Click on the box below that describes you best.

Benefits of Working With Me

  • Be able to have a child when you choose to, like later in life, if you need to wait
  • Have the freedom to get stable in your career, creative arts, or partnership before having a baby
  • Release emotions, stress and trauma from not having been able to get pregnant in the past
  • Have more regular and less painful periods … with less moodiness and fatigue
  • Answer the deep call to be a mother… when you’re really ready to

Who I Work With

  • Single women and couples
  • People with a holistic health orientation
  • People who really want to have a baby … at some point
  • Willing to make diet and lifestyle changes to support fertility
  • Open to homeopathic and energy medicine
  • Open to succeeding even if they’ve been infertile, had a miscarriage, or been told they can’t do it naturally
  • Don’t want to use a lot of drugs or unnatural processes to have a baby
  • Want to boost their fertility as naturally and inexpensively as possible
  • Women with irregular cycles or concerns about their fertility who want to boost their fertility and stay fertile as long as possible
  • Women who want to have a baby later without freezing their eggs