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The Postpartum Pampering program includes:

  • Regular visits with Dr. Aumatma for continued support after the baby is born
  • Diet, supplement, and lifestyle prescriptions for post-pregnancy care
  • Homeopathic and Energy Healing support to make sure the energy is clear and balanced for you, the baby, and your partner
  • Help with whatever you need – keeping the hormones balanced, getting great sleep, etc.
  • Expert guidance on navigating the vaccination issue

Benefits Include:

  • Clear any birth trauma that came up for mom or baby
  • Get mom’s body back into balance hormonally… avoid postpartum depression
  • Get as much sleep as possible through natural means
  • Be informed about your choices with vaccines so you can choose what aligns with your values

Yes, I want Postpartum Pampering!

To learn more about this program and see if it is a fit, schedule your complimentary “Discovery Session” with Dr. Aum by clicking below.

“I started seeing Aumatma last year through a recommendation from my acupuncturist.  I needed to get my health back in order.

Aumatma was great!  She recommended a few tests and talked me through the results. Then recommended a plan to get me on track. She didn’t push her plan on me but rather we talked through what I was comfortable with and not. Then we came up with a final plan together.

After several weeks on the plan, I started to sleep better and had much more energy. My skin was doing better and clearing up from the redness I was experiencing.  Then more importantly I easily got pregnant with now my beautiful 2 month old baby girl.

Aumatma is wonderful!”

– Linda L
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